You can reach me on email, or message me on Twitter @solarchemist or the Fediverse

I like the idea of giving back to the community by building on/with free software and free knowledge in general, and as such I take every opportunity to promote open science, open data, and open source.1 I have some projects in that vein, although they may not be for wider public consumption:

  • I run my own Shiny server. My how-to on installing Shiny should really be updated…
  • I maintain a few Rstudio server instances primarily for my own use. I intend to publish a write-up on that setup in the near future (stay tuned!).
  • I run a JupyterHub instance I’ve setup with Python and R kernels.
  • I have also been known to run my own email server (postfix/dovecot), many web servers and my own part of a chemistry lab.

I share some of my own software via Github and Gitlab, usually in the form of R packages. I’m looking for a suitable alternative to Disqus, but for the time being this site lacks a built-in commenting system. Please feel free to send me your comments using one of the channels in the site header.