This website is built using the static-site generator Hugo from a collection of R Markdown files. It has support for MathJax (allowing LaTeX notation) and a bunch of academic-blogging features such as citations, quotes, and footnotes thanks to integration with knitr and pandoc achieved using the fantastic blogdown package.

The point of this tool-chain is to streamline the publishing process. As a long-time LaTeX/Sweave user myself, writing in Markdown in combination with R makes for much faster work, and blogdown makes it possible to publish to the web in a blink.

I have opted not to use a typical commenting system, and instead I encourage you, dear reader, to use to highlight and annotate this blog. To make that more obvious the sidebar (look to the right) should always be available to pop-out and interact with. Note that only public highlights or annotations that you make will be visible to the site owner or other visitors.

The predecessor to this site used the Jekyll site generator along with knitr and pandoc (this was before the advent of blogdown). That site is archived at (mostly for sentimental reasons, all content has moved over here).